Friday, 5 March 2010

This is final design of the pub sign that I did in flash.
The difficult model of the lot as I had big issues in what type of shape I should use and what elements I should implement into the model. My first couple of models, I thought to use an overhang on the building which could of been good for creating shadow and abit more atmosphere in the scene. But after discussing this with the group they thought the alley would lose is narrowness and would open it up to much, so I went on change my design.
With the new design I decided to keep the original shape but get rid of the overhang then created several roof designs to let the group decide upon which one we use in the environment.

After finishing the house model, I went on to build the extension houses. The
initial idea was to have a back of a factory in the middle of the terrace of houses, but we thought to change that as it would of been out of place within the environment.

Making the model was quite simple as I used the house design and modified it to only have two windows no doors. After that I used one of the photos in my research as a reference point to put some detail in the model.
When I finished the model showed it to the group and they were happy with what I had done.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

From bottom to top is my development of the housing for the environment. My first attempt failed badly as it wasn't really suitable for our project. But from that I was able to learn several quick shortcuts which would help later in my other developments.

From this I thought to easier if I kept the house as simple an cube shape and modify it. From this I found making the roof less of a challenge by use the extrude tool in Maya. After finishing the basic model the group thought to try and include some more detail into the model. So I included a chimney and supports for the roof to flesh the model out abit.

Using the reference photos from my research I have model multiple different styles of windows to be used in the buildings in the environment. My first couple designs did not work to well as I was trying to insert an arched window frame into the design. But after a few more designs and fighting with Maya, I was able to produce three models.

I tried to design each one of the w
indows to represent the social class of the time, using a more simple design to show more of slummy side of some of the buildings, while the more compliacated designs could be used for the shops or even the pub.

I decided to look into a possible pub name, and looked at the author Arthur Conan Doyle. Famous for creating the fictional character 'Sherlock Holmes', I thought it would quite suitable to use one names of the novels.

Within our group we have decided to use 'The Engineer Thumb' as the pub name and I have started developing possible a design and animation in the pub sign.
This is my plan and quick storyboard of our environment. Each one has done a plan and we are decided upon which one we shall use.

My fly-through of my plan in maya is not liking the upload but I was able to upload it to our facebook group instead,!/group.php?gid=248990657856&ref=ts